Friday, October 23: The Tribe's Ghost Encounters; Flubble Friday Montage; The Best Ways To Waste Time

Oct 23, 2020, 02:40 PM
Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to call in their real ghost encounters. Tony was up first, to tell about his run-in with the White Lady at Union Cemetery. (0:00)
Fun Fact Friday took a strange turn when Chaz and AJ found the "Fun Fact Hotline," with contributions from President Trump, Joe Biden, David Letterman, and Mickey Mouse. (20:32)
Dumb Ass News - The Flubble Friday montage. AJ had a busy week! (23:24)
Boss Keith's Top 5 - the things that entertain him and give him chuckles. These are his top 5 favorite "time wasters." (26:36)

Image Credit: chainatp / iStock / Getty Images Plus