Nicki Sprinz

Oct 27, 2020, 12:01 AM
Nicki Sprinz is the managing director of a digital product and games studio, journalist and the co founder of a women’s community in tech. She has a passion and commitment to health and wellbeing. She led the commercial direction for the app - Mood Notes. 

The Influential Women Podcast talks to Nicki about how she has overcome serious life changing health issues and debilitating illness to survive and thrive and lead by incredible example and live for and love every moment we have! 

Hear previous real-life stories of career, health and personal life survival with tips and hacks for your day

It is host presented and co-produced  by Nicki Bannerman, executively produced by Nicki Bannerman and Juliette Nicholls and produced by Saffron Mirza.

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