The Change Society | The Dark Arts of Change with CIO Tony Sweeney

Oct 27, 2020, 09:19 AM

The art of change hasn’t changed in thousands of years. The tools have changed, but humanity hasn’t.

1.17 Tony’s expertise and background

1.58 Dark arts of change (maybe the true art)

3.09 Is technology just hype in regard to change?

5.00 The skills of a leader haven’t changed in 1000s of years

6.54 Why is change so hard today and what could we learn from the past?

10.50 Why military leaders are so effective

11.01 What makes a great change team?

15.03 Why do you love doing what you do?

15.51 What are the eternal truths of change

19.30 How does aligning yourself to power work practically?

20.50 84% of transformations fail – we’ve forgotten the core principles of leadership

22.52 The word transformation in 2020

24.32 The word digital

25.37 Agile is just a tool

26.38 Why companies treat change as a commodity?

30.38 Best leadership advice you’ve ever received