Episode 65 "ASL"

Season 3, Episode 26,  Oct 27, 2020, 11:19 AM

Ninja PLease Episode 65

Welcome to another edition of the Ninja Please Podcast  (ASL)

we open this podcast laying the law down on Official Halloween and Christmas movies that were not marketed as such. I.E. Batman, Nightmare before Christmas. etc. 
*NSFW*We also opens up about another WTF film called The Antichrist starring William Defoe. 
Nasty spoilers are ahead very Graphic. 

About 10 minutes in we talk Throat Babies! Talk Rap references and Gangsta Shit. 

Starman aka Yuki Discusses Netflix’s latest indie film “Yes. God, Yes” Starring Natalia Dyer and Alicia Boe. *This is a spoiler-free breakdown.* 
  • Today’s guest host Ocean breaks down Borat 2.
  • JK Rowling gives back her humanitarian award after multiple backlashes. 
  • Euphoria is coming back Dec 9 with a Christmas Special.
  • On some anime SHit, Makyo gifts Starman Lilly Cat 
  • and Starman run down his Horror Movie list for the week 
The Wailing C
Sinister C
I am The Pretty little thing, that lives in this house C
The Anti Christ B
1 BR B 
The Lobster  ( Makyo gives a full breakdown) 

Much later we talk Looney Tunes and Ninja Turtles 

Have you ever got an erection while watching horror, but there was no nudity or anything sexual on screen? 
Well, a recent article from Playboy Breaks down the scientific and historic reasons behind this weird phenomenon. 
Later in this segment, we discuss new developments of Zack Snyders Justice League reshoots. 
we close out this segment with a discussion on Shondaland, Power, and Empire. 
Recently DC/WB released an interactive retelling of “Under the Red Hood” under the guise of “Batman Death In the Family” an interactive BluRay with 7 alternate endings. Digital viewers found themselves disappointed and underwhelmed so we thought it best if we Buy it watch it and tell you what you’re missing. Seriously Buy The Blu Ray it is only $17.00 on Amazon. This segment contains Massive spoilers ahead you have been warned. 

Did you catch Into the Badlands? well, Ocean is finishing up the show and were excited to recap. 
WB names a new chairman. 
ABC post-Shonda Rhymes names new executives. 
and a young lady who gets her dream of dating Godzilla & Word is GLOW may have been canceled due to the actor's demands for better representation. 
 We also give our top 5 30 for 30 ESPN Doc. 
(01:56:46) High Anime Expectations, Jay-Z's Weed Monogram, and more. 

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