How can freelancers deal with rejection?

Season 2, Episode 9,   Oct 27, 2020, 12:32 PM

Freelance Party Broadcast has had a makeover, and is now called Freelance Corner. That's because this podcast was launched by the online platform for the UK's freelancers with the same name: Freelance Corner.

In this week's episode, Ella and Jess answer the question: How can freelancers deal with rejection? It's a tough one to answer - which is why we enlisted the help of Jenny Stallard, founder of Freelance Feels, an online community, podcast and blog tackling the mental health challenges faced by freelancers. Jenny also answers questions from listeners, including how to stop comparing yourself to other freelancers.

Rejection isn't easy, and Freelance Corner is here to help. Head to today for advice on all freelance matters.