The Costco Haul Episode: Fall '20 Edition

Episode 122,  Oct 28, 2020, 09:00 AM

It’s been almost a year, but we’re HAULing our way back to Costco in this NOT TO BE MISSED episode of Chew the Right Thing!

In today’s episode, Lisa, Jamie, and Mikey are taste testing healthy food finds like chicken meatballs, Hawaiian-style chicken, yummy veggie bites, an on-the-go smoothie, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, an overnight oats find that might be the best one Lisa has ever tried, and steamed dumplings that are better than what you’ll get at a Chinese restaurant! We don’t mean to rush you, but you have to push play right now!!! Then when you’re done, head on over to our Foodcast page for a list of all the products mentioned in the episode!