Wednesday, October 28: Freak Week Continues; The Best Breakfast Sandwich In The Country Is In CT; The Most Boring Movie Ever

Oct 28, 2020, 03:58 PM

Chaz and AJ invited Dr. Dennis on to see if Ashley had a legit claim about her mental anguish, as an excuse for not watching "Sinister" over the weekend. (0:00)
Kevin Donovan wrote a book, "The Billionaire Murders" about a high profile case in Canada. Chaz and AJ invited him on this morning to explain what he's uncovered, and why police originally investigated the incident as a murder-suicide. (8:52)
The world's number one breakfast sandwich is made in Connecticut. Frank from Garden Catering was on to explain the origin of the "Hotsy." (21:48)
Since Ashley bailed on watching a scary movie, Chaz and AJ asked movie critic Joe Meyers (and the Tribe) to help find the most boring movie possible as her punishment. (30:46)
Boss Keith raged his way through a segment ridiculing Ashley for bailing on his assignment to watch "Sinister." He settled on the perfect punishment movie for her, though. (45:49)