Pulling The Trump Card feat. Marc Lamont Hill and Dr. Bernard Ashby

Mar 24, 2020, 04:30 PM

Flattening the Curve. Pandemic. Social Distancing. Self Quarantine. Just a few weeks ago, these were words and phrases not often used by most of us. Now, they are mainstays in the public’s lexicon. Most of us don’t know what to believe, mainly because Trump’s greatest accomplishment seems to be conditioning the public to question news reports from even the most reputable media sources. So what do we do, to separate fact from fiction? We ask a couple of experts! On this episode of I’m Here For the Food me and @bluecentric sit down (at home) and remotely interview 6 time author, TV host & Political Correspondent Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and Dr. Bernard Ashby, a Vascular Cardiologist and founder of Comprehensive Vascular Care Clinic.