Episode 4: Dan Gilbert

Episode 4,   Oct 31, 2020, 04:00 PM

On this episode of Talking Backstage, our host Tom Lund interviews special effects make-up artist Dan Gilbert. After graduating from Hart High School, Dan has worked for both Six Flags Magic Mountain as well as Universal Studios Hollywood as a performer. He credits the hours he spent in the make-up chair as a performer as having a lasting influence as an artist. Some of Dan's credits include work on American Horror Story, The Orville, How to Get Away with Murder, Penny Dreadful, Dark Waters and Doom Annihilation. His make-up talents were featured in the viral video "Old Man Strength at Muscle Beach" for Thrillist, which has over 80 million views on YouTube. In this episode Dan tells us about the art opportunities he had in the Newhall School District, the make-up he created called Mouth FX that has quickly become a standard mouth color effect in the make-up industry, and offers advice to the next generation of students.