Lunch with Leon episode 19 - Emma Hignett

Oct 29, 2020, 08:55 AM
She’s the busiest person on the transport network, giving information to 6.5m people every day; but it’s her voice, rather than her face that is best known.

The ‘voice’ of London Buses, Emma Hignett, chats with Leon Daniels over lunch about her work as a voice-over and how the Lancastrian’s voice is upmarket but utterly approachable.

She talks about how she changed career from being a ballet dancer and the ‘rigorous’ selection process that Transport for London used in its quest for delivering a consistently high standard of visual and aural passenger information.

And, Leon discovers what her ‘real’ voice is and how she deals with hearing her own voice as she travels around London. 

They chat about everything from accents to the research and science of passenger announcements, to the day she spent talking to public face-to-face and the most memorable personal recordings she made for people.

They also chat about what the future holds for young people who are considering the world of work, alongside the art of communications and conclude with a very sound piece of indispensable advice.