AfterLife Haunts, 11.1.20 - My PSI encounter at The Baty House [Mediumship]

Nov 01, 2020, 07:40 PM

More than meets the eye, paranormal is simply another wing of the mansion. Some of those inhabitants bump into us on occasion while others make a point of stating their presence. Some even say, "Boo!"

All Saints' Day arrived with a flourish. 2:30 am. Time change made it 1:30 am. Awake and deciding to read for awhile, I turn on a bedside lamp. No response. I try again. Nothing. Inconvenienced now, I get up and change the bulb. No response. Fine. I use another reading light. 

In the morning, as I suspected, the visitor is gone. The light responds just like it should have last night. No issues with the switch. Bulbs are both fine.

Tweaked. Are you paying attention? This is my normal.

This haunted house experience happened over a year ago. I have mentioned it but could not reveal the location. Now that the house has been torn down, I can identify it. 

Although the house is gone, a [one or more] presence might in the space. Our physical plane is simply an overlay. Spirits of land and dwellings occupy their own space. 

When our PSI abilities evolve we will notice them. They can be positive and/or negative given our awareness and our response.

~ ~ ~ 

On that note, my experience has been one of protection.  One Halloween several years ago, I was invited to a small gathering at a (haunted) bookstore. One guest introduced himself as a warlock and filmmaker. He offered some wine he brought to share (The labels were odd). I abstained but accepted a business card to consider interviewing him. 

At home, shortly before midnight, my husband and I were
in bed when we heard tapping on the bedroom window. Too high for a person. No birds. No shadow to be seen. We elected not to open the curtain and ignored the entertainment. It stopped. No doubt having other homes to visit.

I threw away the business card, an inadvertent invitation and tracking method. I have no proof simply a gut instinct I have learned to trust. 

There is so much more going on here that it would seem. Believe it or not. Halloween is not a joke. All Saints' Day liberates and clears the ghosts.