Do you boo? Why not @vocalpost too? (@omaniblog, @macolgan @dt90spt and everyone)

Apr 25, 2012, 09:32 PM
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SassyCat - over 5 years ago

I tried this one a while back, stopped using it when i realized i couldnt get everything said in 30 seconds. There are really a lot of vocal apps out there. Audio Pal was another 30 second recorder, but the is no app that i know of and vocoo (if spelled correctly) was another one.
Keep up the great finds Chris!


PilgrimChris - over 5 years ago

Whilst never an alternative to @audioboo I do like @vocalpost ad a micro audio tool. It only allows 30 seconds of audio, but for a brief audio diary it may be useful for some?

My day today in #30seconds #MicroAudioDiary [25/04/2012]