Does the PS5 Have a “Secret Sauce”?

Episode 308,  Nov 02, 2020, 06:33 AM

Tonight, we answer questions about the PS5's hidden power, next-gen gaming, cross-gen games, 4K gaming TVs, Xbox Game Pass, save scumming, Sega's legacy, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- Does the PS5 have a “secret sauce”?
- What is more important for next-gen: evolution or revolution? 
- Which system has more to offer at launch: Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5?
- Why will it take 1-2 years to finalize the Microsoft/Bethesda deal?
- When will developers stop making current-gen games?
- Since next-gen is expensive, do we have to jump in right away?
- What problems could next-gen consoles face at launch?
- Are any of you buying new TVs for next-gen consoles?
- How much money would it take for you to stop gaming for a console generation?
- Would you post how people can pay $0-1 for Game Pass?
- Have you ever save scummed?
- What video game building would you like to live in IRL?
- What is your favorite political video game?
- Could Sega have saved itself back in the day?

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