Archive Episode: with Gerald Dawe

Season 3, Episode 1,   Nov 02, 2020, 11:09 AM

In this guest episode, Gerald Dawe looks back over his writing and publishing career of 40 years to reflect on the violence of our recent past. In the voice of a clock; reflected in a WW2 film; in dreams of Winston Churchill, violence is never far from the homestead. Nor is the Europe of the present far from the Europe of the past where immigrant families aim for America and hit on Belfast. We’re grateful to Gerry for this generous reflection across his poems; across our history.

Gerry read the following poems: ‘The Clock on a Wall of Farringdon Gardens, August 1971’, ‘Safe Houses’, ‘Child of the Empire’, ‘Refugees’, ‘Quartz’, ‘The Jazz Club’, ‘Fellow Travellers’ and ‘Selfies’.

Gerald Dawe is Professor of English and Fellow Emeritus at Trinity College Dublin, and was founder director of Trinity Oscar Wilde Centre (1998-2015). His poetry is published by The Gallery Press.

The Seamus Heaney Centre Podcast is created in a small back room (and during these times of quarantine, in a series of small back rooms) by Stephen Sexton and Rachel Brown. This episode was produced, and featured original music by Conor McCafferty.

Thanks as always to our guest writers, and to Nick Boyle for his title music.