Be the Odd One Out - Liz Diehl, Founder, Total Wellness Solutions, Inc.

Nov 02, 2020, 08:11 PM

Liz had a 28 year career in music and design.  After retiring from her manufacturing and publishing design company she chose the health industry with passion.  Not only to help her own personal health, but to help others find a way to look, feel, and perform better at any age.  Through experiencing her own cancer journey twice, Liz has become an educational and sales advocate for the consumption of quality, efficacious, healthy and safe CBD from Hemp.  All healthy, no high. It has been 14 years in the health arena and today Liz is certified in CBD, Physiology and Health. And OSHA certified in Cold Laser Therapy in conjunction with CBD.  Liz is a public speaker and educator keying in on scientific research and products we can trust. She has aligned with the premier company in the cannabis space, Kannaway, bringing toxin free, non GMO, tested safe CBD product line to the marketplace. In addition, Liz has added a line of Healthy Happy Coffee and Tea to make it easy for us to get good nutrients into our bodies.
Business Name: Total Wellness Solutions, Inc.
Phone:  (503) 209-4997