106. Your Action Plan for Growth in the 'New Normal'

Episode 106,   Nov 03, 2020, 10:49 AM

Running a business during a global health crisis is presenting business leaders with huge continuity challenges; making sure staff are safe, securing financial sustainability, assessing the resilience of supply chains and reinforcing crucial systems to support unprecedented levels of remote working.   
Restrictions are loosened and then tightened again, making it increasingly difficult to plan for the future. But business can’t stand still.  
So, as we head into a second national lockdown, what lessons can we take from this pandemic to prepare for the new normal? And how can organisations thrive in a post-crisis world? 
John Courtney is a strategy consultant and serial entrepreneur. He’s currently the CEO of boardroomadvisors.co.uk and is a non-exec director for five early stage businesses. 

He measures his mistakes by his hairline and in this episode he shares what he's learned over his career journey and explains how to create an actionable plan to get out of the Covid-19 crisis by analysing strategy, tactics and actions. 

Useful links:

Scale-Up Growth Diagnostic - https://boardroomadvisors.co/scale-up-growth-diagnostic/
Essential Guide to Scale-Up Challenges [E-Book] - https://boardroomadvisors.co/the-essential-guide-to-scale-up-challenges/
Business Strategy Toolkit [Free Download] - https://boardroomadvisors.co/business-strategy-toolkit/

Host: Patricia Keating
Guest: John Courtney, founder Boardroom Advisors https://boardroomadvisors.co/ 

Listening Time: 40 mins

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