Episode 1: #GiftOfWords with Treasure Shields Redmond

Nov 03, 2020, 08:53 PM
In this premiere episode of the Gift of Words podcast miniseries, YourWords STL interviews teaching artist Dr. Treasure Shields Redmond. Listen in for a wide-ranging conversation that also includes an out-loud reading of the poet's work.

Building bridges over society's fault lines starts with hearing each other's stories. Artists, teachers, students, and activists wield their words in interviews with Michelle Haberberger of YourWords STL. Gather wisdom from those working toward equity in one of the nation's most divided cities.

YourWords STL is a non-profit organization that uses tutoring, creative writing workshops, and collaborative projects to help amplify the voices of St. Louis youth. Learn more at http://www.yourwordsstl.org.

Our intro sounds are provided by Joey Ferber. Our outro sounds are from the song "For Me" on Aysia Berlynn's new album, Synth & Soul.

Guest Biography

A Mississippi native, Dr. Treasure Shields Redmond is a published poet, master educator, community arts organizer, and successful entrepreneur. Treasure was raised in the federal housing projects, and went on to be signed to M.C. Hammer’s label as a hip hop artist, and writer. She is the author of chop: a collection of kwansabas for fannie lou hamer (2015). Her doctoral research focuses on the recorded performances of foundational Black Women poets, and the ways they deployed sound to impact the canon and justice movements. Treasure centers collaboration in her personal arts practice and as an organizing principle. As such, she has co-founded Fannie Lou Hamer House, a retreat space for Black artists, and a funding collective for Black artists called The Black Skillet with artist Dail Chambers. Treasure is the founder of Feminine Pronoun Consultants, LLC, and Get The Acceptance Letter Academy.

After being signed to M.C. Hammer’s record label and releasing an album that DID NOT catapult her to fame and fortune, Dr. Treasure Shields Redmond went back to college and became a teacher. Since 1998 Treasure’s “plan b” has taken her farther than the music industry ever did. Not only is she a master educator, who has taught in high schools,
colleges and prisons, Treasure is also a published poet, community arts organizer, and successful entrepreneur.

In 2016 she founded Get the Acceptance Letter Academy where she helps busy parents of college bound teens secure top tier education without massive debt. She has helped hundreds of families secure millions of dollars in scholarships. Testimonials to her success as the “#DebtFreeDegree Expert” can be found at www.GetTheAcceptanceLetter.online.