Ep 112: Making love last - lessons from 35 years together with Madeline and David McQueen

Nov 05, 2020, 04:00 AM
Hi lovely,

We are back! After our quarterly monthly break from recording and we are jumping back behind the mics with a special relationship episode. 

We got together with the playful power couple: Madeline and David McQueen to talk about how they have made love last (while having two children and running a business together) for thirty two years. 

I’ve known Madeline and David for over ten years and they offered me invaluable guidance and advice on love and relationships in the years when I was dating.  They have always been intentionally open about talking about their relationship and sharing about the ups and downs, warts and all, of being in a long term relationship. They believe passionately that friendship in your relationship is key and that every relationship requires work to help it to thrive.

They are also both coaches and so they bring a level of insight, self-awareness and a no-nonsense practical attitude to their relationship which you don’t often find in other couples. 

They have so many pearls of wisdom to offer on how to make love last and so in this episode Vicki and I got to ask them about how they have made their love last for over thirty years and what advice they would give to others about how to cultivate a happy and healthy relationship. 

As ever, when I speak to Madeline and David, I came away with so many gems and aha moments (and was squirming in my seat on a number of occasions too, as you’ll hear!). So I hope you find some valuable gems in this too.

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x Selina