In Limbo: Paul Begala, Jill Abramson, Tara Setmayer & Cass Sunstein

Nov 05, 2020, 01:00 AM

Harvard Professor Cass Sunstein on court challenges and election law. Then Al and James assemble a panel featuring Jill Abramson, Paul Begala, and Tara Setmayer on the results of the election and the future of the country.

James and Al break down election law and court challenges with Cass Sunstein before being joined by an all star panel with Jill Abramson, Paul Begala, and Tara Setmayer to help us digest what we experienced on election day.  With no official call made, is it in the bag for Biden and McConnell?  It’s a whole new era.  Will we be stuck in the same battles of the last four years, or can we expect to build back bigger, bolder, and better in 2021? 

Books & Podcasts From This Week’s Panelists:
Jill Abramson

Paul Begala

Tara Setmayer

Cass Sunstein

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