Graham Torrington - BRMB, Buzz, Kix 96, GWR group, BBC local

Episode 113,   Nov 05, 2020, 08:53 PM

From helping out on a charity appeal to dominating late night music radio for generations.

In this hour of Radio Moments – Conversations, Graham Torrington tells how his early love for radio led to his arrival at BRMB to help with the annual Walkathon. Graduating quickly from occasional shows to daytime contemporary radio, he quickly made his mark before the potential of a late-night love songs programme was unleashed.

Pushed aside from the station he loved, he moved to the challenged Buzz FM and then onto help launch Kix 96 as Programme Controller.  Graham tells of the call which led then to his appointment at GWR and how his reputation grew as the company expanded to dominate numerous UK markets - to the annoyance of some.

Graham tells of the evolution of Late Night Love, the genuine value he feels it brought to listeners and the art of getting the stories from them.

As another takeover ended his spell with that group, he talks of life at the BBC and how he once again created late night magic of a more comforting flavour.

As Graham retires from UK radio – for now at least – he tells too the things he never mentioned on air about his own life. What are his stories?

This is Graham Torrington – in his own words – alone.

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