Friday, November 6: CT's Thanksgiving Guidelines; Fun Fact Friday Fact Checks; "Cobra Kai" Actor Tries To Convince Chaz To Watch

Nov 06, 2020, 04:49 PM

There are new state guidelines for Thanksgiving get-togethers, so Chaz and AJ did a little hypothetical situation. (0:00)
After a botched live read attempt for the Water Doctor, Chaz and AJ corrected the information, then some fact checks on Fun Fact Friday and a Tribe member called in about how crustaceans pee. (3:52)
Hannah Kepple is an actor in the NetFlix series "Cobra Kai," and called in to try to convince Chaz to watch season 2 before season 3 comes out in January. (11:16)
Boss Keith is convinced this week has been the single worst week of 2020, and has 5 reasons to explain why. (23:35)

Image Credit: Rawf8 / iStock / Getty Images Plus