Think Omnichannel Episode 2 | Achieving Customer Centricity through Omnichannel Transformation | Martin Newman & Carl Scheible

Season 1, Episode 2,   Nov 09, 2020, 07:28 AM

Graham Johnston  welcomes the consumer champion, Martin Newman & payments expert Carl Scheible to the second episode of the podcast to discuss how to achieve true Customer Centricity across Omnichannel touch points.

We delve into the careers and of both our guests,  explore what the word 'Omnichannel' means to both of them, and reflect on how brands are driving customer-centric transformation in a range of industries.  
We get an exclusive 'blinkist-style' version of Martin's recent white paper on Customer Centricity and get expert insight from Carl about how disruptive payment options are helping brands to deliver seamless experiences.

We also explore top tips from both Martin and Carl on what brands can do now to deliver customer centric transformation in these challenging times and un-box the clearpay service to deliver new payment options for customers.
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