Lou Iglesias on Covid-19, hard market conditions, new capital and profitable growth opportunities

Episode 32,   Nov 09, 2020, 08:45 AM

In today's episode of The Best Policy podcast, we are joined by president and CEO of Allied World, Lou Iglesias.

In our exclusive interview, we discuss the challenges of Covid-19 and the economic downturn, hard market conditions, the impact of new capital and profitable growth opportunities in (re)insurance. 

We start by asking our guest how the carrier is helping customers overcome challenges faced as a result of the pandemic and how it ensures operations continue to function. 

We discuss the main drivers for price increases in a hard market, lower for longer interest rates, and how much the latter drives sustainability in terms of longevity of current market conditions. 

We also talk about areas of claims from the second Covid-19 wave, opportunities for profitable growth in current market conditions and the level of flexibility and responsiveness Allied World has as part of Fairfax.

The chief executive shares his thoughts on the need for capacity in the marketplace and the impact of emerging start-ups and scale-ups on market dynamics.

Finally, we look at capital formation in Bermuda, reinsurance pricing and the retro market, as well as opportunities to expand.