Having the Face of the Oppressor - An Interview with Ryan "Ryz" Walker

Episode 7,   Nov 23, 2020, 04:00 PM

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In this episode, Ryan talks about his experience with as a white man living America and his perspective on the scars of racism and his desire for healing the divide.

Ryan “Ryz” Walker has been giving free hugs and making beats since he was in diapers. As a baby he innately danced and banged on pots and pans, which naturally led to a Muppet Babies drum kit. Love and rhythm weren’t the only things moving young Ryz, however. He also enjoyed singing. His mother often broke out a microphone and cassette deck to record his sister and him performing smash hits such as “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” From day one, music, love and joy were one in the same for young Ryz. 
As a kid, he would daydream about a world filled with love while hypnotized by the sounds of jazz and hip-hop, courtesy of the orchestra in his mind. Melodies, harmonies, rhythms and rhymes constantly filled his soul. At age 8 his parents divorced, which gave music an additional role in his life. It became a way for Ryz to express and cope with pain. This was the first time he became aware of music as a healer. He started putting rhymes down on paper and formed his first group in fifth grade where he and some friends rapped and danced. He also studied the saxophone and once middle school came around he was playing the drums in jazz band. As music and love continued to express through Ryz, he was voted class friendliest by his peers; an acknowledgement he is still grateful for to this day.

With music as his companion, Ryz has deepened his understanding of love through self-reflection, life lessons, and being a shoulder for others to lean on. His path eventually lead him to the practice of Transcendental Meditation, developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (famed guru to the Beatles). Not long after discovering meditation, he enrolled at the University of Santa Monica where he obtained certification in Advanced Spiritual Psychology, acquiring 480 hours of practice in facilitating self-discovery. Another significant part of his transformation has included adopting an intermittent fasting vegan lifestyle along with releasing 85 lbs. and counting. 
It’s no surprise that Ryz is still giving free hugs and making beats. They remain foundational in his being, as he uses his story, music, life’s challenges and victories, to empower, uplift and inspire. Since his Susquehanna days, Ryz knew his journey included good friend and soul brother, Evan Bane. This brotherhood and shared purpose of raising the vibration of love on the planet has emerged as
The Wake Up Experience.

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Audra was burned at a year and a half, had six surgeries between the ages of 2 and 16, and did not look at herself in the mirror until she was 25 years old.
As a person, who has experienced trauma and was left with physical remnants of it, she was then able to do the work necessary to embrace her scars and become empowered by them. Because of her experience, Audra wrote her song “Scars”, created the I’ve Got Scars Baby! Podcast and has been performing and holding personal empowerment workshops across the country.
From Detroit native to Los Angeles artist and producer, Audra has also performed at such venues as the Disney Music Hall (LA), The Kennedy Center (Washington DC), The World Children’s Festival of Theatre (Copenhagen, Denmark), The House of Blues Sunset (LA) and The Comedy Store (LA), Laugh Factory (LA) and The Comedy Union (LA).
As a Producer, Audra has worked for several network TV shows including: America's Got Talent, Steve Harvey's Big Time, and The Tom Joyner Show as well as shows on Netflix, BET, and VH1. Audra has taken her creativity to the stage as the writer and producer of her first play entitled, The Cage at the Stella Adler Theatre.