#19 In conversation with Viv + Jason Day

Season 2, Episode 19,   Nov 13, 2020, 12:01 AM

This episode is a first for us. Today we have a special conversation with a couple committed to living life with the wild.

Speaking to us from a cabin on the coast of Norway where they spend time every year working as caretakers for a rural cabin-hotel, Viv + Jason tell us about starting their life together on a narrow boat, executing their dream of leaving the corporate world, moving into a van to explore more mountains, and winding up starting their own guiding company in the French Alps, https://www.daysawayadventures.com

Chatting with a couple, a team, we explore what the wild means to them each individually, and how they've built the life they lead now together to satisfy their joint dreams, as well their own. Viv speaks to us about the healing power of the mountains, and Jason shares the learnings the mountains have given him, importantly - persistence and focusing on exactly what is in front of you with a faith that by doing this the future will work itself out.

If you're in Morzine anytime and want to explore the mountains (in the snow or sun) look up Viv + Jason at DaysAway Adventures - two more passionate, warm and enthusiastic guides you could not hope to meet.

Viv + Jason are on Insta @daysawayadventures

This was a fun chat.

We hope you enjoy it x

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