How to avoid cyber crime as a freelancer

Season 3, Episode 1,   Nov 11, 2020, 01:09 PM

Freelance Party Broadcast has had a makeover, and is now called Freelance Corner. That's because this podcast was launched by the online platform for the UK's freelancers with the same name: Freelance Corner.

Hosts Faye and Jess quiz experts every fortnight, with the aim of answering a question sent in by our listeners. Is there a question you would like us to answer? Email to have your question answered.

Faye and Jess are joined by Patrick, a representative of the West Midlands Cyber Crime Unit, who gives advice on how freelancers can avoid cyber crime. In this episode, Patrick explains why our home Wi-Fi routers could actually be a gateway for cyber criminals, and how to avoid it. Patrick answers questions from you, our listeners, about topics such as how to safely store passwords. 

With the number of online fraud cases rising since the start of the pandemic, Patrick gives timely advice. Listen now to make sure your business is protected.