Nov 13, 2020, 07:17 AM
1-0 Once again!!!

This week I start the show with the great radio calls from WEDM on our victory over the Wildcats of Lawrence North. Then I get some great interviews from many of the stars of the night following the game. 

Joining me as my main guest for this week is TE Coach and Offensive Assistant Coordinator Coach FRESH!!!! He and I talk about a lot of what's gone on this season with the team, how the staff has been able to adapt and get us to the point we are in right now. We also talk about his journey in the program as a former Warrior Football Alumni as well. I then throw a curve ball at him with question that he wasn't expecting. 

After our talk, I speak with some of the teammates of #WarriorLegend Ron Mason at his Life Celebration this past Sunday on the football field. 

I also announce the latest ALL-MIC additions that were recently made public this week as well. So sit back and listen to another great episode of #TrueWarriorFootball !!!!