Friday, November 13: Flubble Friday Montage; AJ Can't Stand Knock Knock Jokes; The Singer Of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Nov 13, 2020, 05:04 PM
Whether AJ is in a box or not it's still a Flubble Friday!  Here's the best of the worst of this week! (0:00)
Delirious AJ still can't stand knock knock jokes, especially when they come from Swipe. (6:04)
Scot Haney joins the show to preview the weekend weather and then the Stefanowski's call in with a huge donation for the Toy Drive. (7:50)
Lead Singer of The Tokens Jay Siegel (responsible for most of AJ's misery in the box) comes on the show to revel in AJ's pain as he continues to listen to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" on a continuous loop. (16:13)
Boss Keith with his Top 5 List. What would he ask on his first day as President of the United States? (21:51)

Image Credit: ziggy3984 / iStock / Getty Images Plus