Series 1 - Episode 10: Lynn Ruth Miller stand up comedian and writer

Season 1, Episode 10,  Nov 22, 2020, 08:00 PM

Lynn Ruth Miller at 87 is considered the oldest female stand-up comedian on both sides of the Atlantic. She has won many awards and accolades. She only started at 71, after a career as a writer, tutor and newspaper columnist. She was intending to write about comedy, went on a stand up course for research and fell in love with performing. She is self-mocking and wickedly funny. At 67 she published her first book, Starving Hearts, an autobiographical novel about her struggle with bulimia and an overwhelming mother. She followed it with a series of other books and articles.  She is a speaker who has inspired others with eating disorders to believe that they can help themselves just as she did. Oh, and she paints. In the podcast she talks passionately about performing, individuality, the effect of Covid 19 on her career, her need to obtain a visa to go on performing in the UK and why she paints every day.