N1 Neil Patel Interview #4

Episode 4,  Nov 15, 2020, 03:30 PM

Chi Kri Yoga teacher and rapper, Neil Patel, otherwise known as N1, created something called Hip Hop Yoga in the early 2000’s. He expresses spiritual themes through Hip Hop and made an album called The Rapping Yogi.  His current album is called The Breathe Experience. Along with traditional yoga breathing exercises, the album has a full explanation of his ideas as well as some powerful messages delivered through some masterfully-penned lyrics and passionately produced music.  N1’s new release ‘The Truth’ came out on 1st Oct.

The Breathe Experience project was created as a response to the proliferation of knife crime in London and you’ll hear from the interview and the tracks N1’s passion and commitment to bringing peace to the lives of young people. I hope you find this interview as enriching as I did.

To follow N1’s work: 
Instagram: chi_kri_yoga or N1.rap