Voting 2020

Episode 7,  Nov 16, 2020, 12:50 AM

We Voted & we changed some thangsssss

This year my friend @emilyfemily_ worked at the polls and she shared her experience with me and I was blown away!  Im so used to older citizens who are retired and volunteer to work at the polls. So when I found out my friend was working and got paid to work I thought wowww!  How many young people would have showed up to work especially for one day.  Most citizens are dealing with unemployment so extra money would have been a huge benefit to get people to show up.  Also geting people that look like you to show up.  Eat a churro at the polls, roll up (Outside the polls), twerk at the polls.  We can make voting fun.  
Please tap in with @emilyfemily_  on istagram.  Soon, we will host an IGTV chat to discuss more details about her poll worker experience is a website with more info pertaining to working the polls