Fuck Yeah, Science!

Nov 16, 2020, 01:30 PM

The Chitshow Podcast Episode #53 - "Fuck Yeah, Science!"

In episode 53 we get into the "million moron march" (13:22), The Modern Tea Room in Lancaster (22:58), Black Friday during a pandemic (28:48), reminding everyone about The Fresh Prince Reunion on HBO Max (40:03), the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward (42:21), Young Jeezy no longer vs T.I. but Gucci Mane (1:02:43), the almost completed first week with new consoles (), and more. We also talk/feature music (1:07:00) from BENEE, Katie J Pearson, AC/DC, Abhi The Nomad, Kylie Minogue, and 2 Chainz. Our intro and outro music is REASON "Show Stop."

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