Monday, November 16: Meeting Mr. Pickle, Florida Week in Dumb Ass News, Cactus Fail

Nov 16, 2020, 06:34 PM
Florida Week kicks off in Dumb Ass News, but first, a recap from AJ leaving the box on Friday. He was interviewed immediately by Swipe, who blew his lead off question, and then lost his place. Then, a Florida man is attacked by a gator while hiding from police. (0:00) 

Another character we met during AJ in a Box, was Mr. Pickle. Chaz and AJ tracked him down, and asked him about his mysterious jar of pickles, and why he was trying to poke AJ with a stick. (8:35) 

A cow interrupted a city council meeting, and a poor cyclist fell into a bed of cacti during a race. (15:03)