Loremen S2 Ep3 - Jon Long - The Lincoln Imp and The Red Book of Appin

Season 2, Episode 3,   Jan 03, 2019, 01:00 AM

The Loremen discover that Lincoln Green is people, and ride to windswept Argyll on an "entire" horse. In Episode 3, James and Alasdair are joined by another Deputy Loreman: award-having comedian and troubadour Jon Long.

Find the show notes here: www.loremenpodcast.com/episode-3-s2

Here’s the Lincoln Echo video Jon tells us about. (We were clearly joking about this guy. Do not sue us, please.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12AEvoeNaJ0

A quick correction: It turns out St Mary’s unique porch in Chipping Norton is HEXagonal, not octagonal. And there are two other like it. Also, the Princess Di visit is not corroborated: https://www.britainexpress.com/attractions.htm?attraction=5086

Finally, never let it be said that the Lincoln Echo can’t do clickbait titles: Do You Like Lincoln’s Big Metal Face? (Lincoln Echo)