Tuesday, November 17: Meeting Adam Sandler, The Cat Talk App Inventor, Robert Kelly's Fights with Colin Quinn

Nov 17, 2020, 07:01 PM

Paula the Hockey Coach was on to talk about the potential fate of winter sports for high school students. Then, in Dumb Ass News, Florida Week continues with a story about a man who had syringes in his butt. (0:00) 

While talking about celebrity encounters, Chaz and AJ got a call from Kimberly, who had a crazy story about meeting Adam Sandler. She fell on her back while attempting to give him a hug. (8:53)

What are cats trying to say to us? Chaz and AJ spoke to Javier, the inventor of an app that can translate the things your cat might be trying to tell you. (13:45)

Comedian Robert Kelly is part of a new HBO Max comedy special directed by Colin Quinn. Rob was on to talk about some past fights he has had with Colin, why he misses Louis CK so much, and the time he had to get naked for television. (28:39) 

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Seregraff/iStock/Getty Images Plus