Inclusive Public Spaces Project

Nov 19, 2020, 10:00 AM

This is a worldwide project spearheaded by a Team based at Leeds University looking at the inclusivity of public spaces for everyone including disabled and visually impaired people. 
The project will focus on two different cities in each of the five participating countries to look at the inclusivity of their streets and public spaces and the two UK cities are Glasgow and Leeds.  
The Team are looking for visually impaired people to get involved in the project to help them with their research and hopefully make our streets and public spaces more inclusive and accessible for everyone. 
Although some interviews and research findings have already been done in Leeds and Glasgow the Team is looking for more people to get involved with the project and they are especially keen to involve visually impaired people. 
Toby Davey caught up with Dr Maria Orchard and Prof Anna Lawson from the Inclusive Public Spaces Project Team to find out more about the project and how visually impaired people can get involved.