Wednesday, November 18: Mr. Pickle's Dream Job, Florida Man Takes Light Pole, Movies That Make Men Cry

Nov 18, 2020, 06:43 PM

Mr. Pickle called in to tell Chaz and AJ that he dreamed of being a newspaper reporter, and claimed to have once gone "global." (0:00) 

Florida Week continues in Dumb Ass News, with a man that attempted to steal a light pole and sell it for scrap. (3:38) 

Joe Meyers the movie critic was on to talk about the movie that make men cry. Chaz admitted his is an animated movie, AJ cries during "The Green Mile," and Chaz can't seem to remember the ending to any of the other movies that were mentioned. (10:06) 

President Trump called in to finally declare Joe Biden the winner, but not for the election. Then Biden was on to talk about his cabinet, and the special position he has saved for John Travolta. (21:11) 

Photo Credit: Getty Images/nicoletaionescu/iStock/Getty Images Plus