Radio Skies & Strange Signals

Episode 11,  Nov 20, 2020, 04:00 AM

It’s about time we gave optical telescopes a break! This month, Izzie Clarke and Dr Becky Smethurst explore radio astronomy with Professor Tim O'Brien from the UK's Jodrell Bank Telescope and Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, former project scientist for the Australian Square Kilometre Array.

Plus, Robert Massey shares his top tips for stargazing at home and choosing the right telescope for you. Send you pictures and questions to or tweet @RoyalAstroSoc.

Space Book Club Recommendations: 
  • When Galaxies Collide - Lisa Harvey-Smith  
  • Space: 10 Things You Should Know - Becky Smethurst 
  • Moon: Art, Science, Culture - Robert Massey & Alex Loske
  • No Shadow of a Doubt - Daniel Kennefick 
  • How To Be An Astronaut and Other Space Jobs - Sheila Kanani
  • The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) - Katie Mack

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