Thursday, November 19: Worst Christmas Songs, Mr. Pickle, Will Noonan on Rockefeller's Sad Tree

Nov 19, 2020, 07:12 PM

Chaz and AJ were discussing the worst Christmas songs ever, and agreed that one stood out alone as the worst. (0:00) 

Bill from the New Haven Parks Department was on to give an update on the replacement tree for the New Haven green. So far, he's extremely encouraged by the Tribe's willingness to volunteer their trees. (8:14)  

Chaz made an appearance on TV last night to talk about the search for a new tree for New Haven. Channel 3 did a great job interviewing him, even though his lighting wasn't great, the mic didn't work, and he almost didn't spell Ashley's name correctly. (14:29) 

Most people have called 2020 the worst year of their lives, but Mr. Pickle feels the exact opposite. (19:57)

Boston comedian Will Noonan points to the tree in Rockefeller Center as proof that New York City is not doing well. (24:50)  

Photo Credit: Getty Images/NYCLA/iStock/Getty Images Plus