The nightmare before Christmas

Nov 20, 2020, 07:30 AM
Mike Parry and Lesley-Ann Jones discuss: whether Christmas should be cancelled to prevent further lockdowns, the resurgence of the Oxbridge elite in the Government, sexism aimed at female ministers, 50 years of Page 3, Sam Fox, Little Mix going solo, the gruelling nature of touring, Porky sleeping with the fishes on a particularly tough assignment, Nigella Lawson's toast recipe and marriage to John Diamond, the crazy life of Jaci Stephen, how to help beggars in a cashless society, Kim Wilde and her famous family, embarrassing hobbies, naturism, PJ Proby, Mrs Hinch the cleaning sensation, the sad demise of the black cab, and journalists who can't keep it down. You won't need to regurgitate Planet Porky'll be with you forever. 

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