Friday, November 20: Governor's Thanksgiving Proclamation, The New Haven Tree Update, Boss Keith's Top 5

Nov 20, 2020, 07:06 PM
Governor Lamont made a proclamation for Thanksgiving, so Chaz and AJ read the entire thing with dramatic music. (0:00) 

Dumb Ass News wraps up Florida Week, and closed with a local story from Naugatuck about a man who really feels close to trees. (7:44) 

Bill from the New Haven Parks Department was on with the latest on the search for a replacement tree for the New Haven green. It sounds like they've found a suitable replacement! (19:19) 

Fun Fact Friday wrapped up with a call from Bernie in Vermont about the foods that cause farts. (24:20) 

Normally enraged and loud, Boss Keith was upbeat and loud and today instead. His Top 5 list was all about the silver lining to a Thanksgiving holiday during a pandemic. (29:50) 

Photo Credit: Getty Images/bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images Plus