"Hustleburg" w/ Brett Bittner

Nov 20, 09:29 PM

As we start to close the book on 2020, it seemed like an opportunity to share some of the most valuable Q&A segments that resulted from your questions this year. Why Is So Important!

Every entrepreneur should be able to point to their mission to know how to best serve their customer and operate their business. Without this guiding star, it's easy for your business ship to be rudderless. In this part of Episode 2, Brett shares his why, as well as why that question is so important. There is No Such Thing As Too Much Content

This derived from a question asking how much is too much when it comes to content in Episode 8. With a diversity of platforms and channels, you will never overwhelm your community with content, because they don’t (and won’t) see everything that you put online. Not even your mom will get tired of seeing the content you create, because she won’t even follow you everywhere, and even if she did, the algorithms won’t show her absolutely everything. Read more about how there’s no such thing as too much content here. Finally, Brett touches on how it’s possible to create so much using a strategy like this from Gary Vaynerchuk through repurposing and sharing similar content through a variety of channels and using different contexts that are relevant to each platform.Kindness Is Free And Can Kill Your Competition

In Episode 40, Brett shared one of the greatest ways to differentiate your business from others in your industry, and it's free. What if I told you that there is one thing that you can focus on in your business that will set you apart from everyone else in your industry, make you the talk of the town, and make your brand such that you get the best customers to join your community? No matter what business you’re in, if you focus on kindness in every interaction you will have an amazing advantage that can’t be surpassed or undercut. When you focus on kindness, you add so much value in every interaction that the rest of your brand identity and reputation dovetail around it.  #hustleburg #stpete #florida #tampabay #radio #radiostpete