Stephanie Levi-John and The Ladies of 'Fargo'

Episode 214,  Nov 23, 2020, 06:57 PM

In this 2-part episode, BGN interviews actor Stephanie Levi-John from the Starz series 'The Spanish Princess' and the ladies of the FX series 'Fargo': Karen Aldridge, Anji White, and J. Nicole Brooks. 

Segment 1: Stephanie Levi-John plays Lina de Cardonnes on 'The Spanish Princess'. The actor shares more about her character Lina's life outside of the Court and what it is like for her raising a family and how that causes struggles with Catherine as well.

Host: Angelica

Segment 2: Karen Aldridge, Anji White, and J. Nicole Brooks star in the FX series 'Fargo'.  The Chicago-based actors talk about getting their roles on the show, working with Chris Rock and so much more!

Host: Ryanne

Music by: Sammus
Edited by: Jamie Broadnax