Monday, November 23: Dr. Ron Clark on Pandemic Thanksgiving, AJ Rants About Weird Stuffing, The Monday Sucks Song Debut

Nov 23, 2020, 07:16 PM

We've all heard about a second wave in the pandemic coming, and Chaz and AJ think it's here now. Dr. Ron Clark was on the phone to talk about what he's seeing in the emergency room, and how he's going to spend his Thanksgiving. (0:00)  

People on the internet are freaking out about a new stuffing recipe, that is made completely from White Castle sliders. AJ defended the recipe, but didn't get any help. (11:30) 

Mondays suck, and Chaz and AJ thought there should be a song about it. They found Paradox, who recorded this original song for the show, and shockingly, AJ had big issues with the description of himself in the song. (22:05) 

Thanksgiving drama affects everyone, even doctors. Dr. Jon was on to share a story about children choking other children, and the blame falling on an innocent party. (28:50) 

Photo Credit: Getty Images/bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images Plus