Tuesday, November 24: Man Saves Dog From Alligator, Madison Murder Case on HBO, Bernie's Butler

Nov 24, 2020, 06:20 PM
A 74-year-old man saved a puppy from an alligator, and the video has gone viral. William was the guy that set up the wildlife camera that captured the incident, and was on with Chaz and AJ to talk about why this was a bad idea. (0:00)  

Attorney Hugh Keefe was the lawyer for murder suspect Jeffrey Hamburg, whose case is now a mini docu-series on HBO, "Murder on Middle Beach." Hugh and his wife, attorney Tara Knight were both on to talk about the ten-year-old case. (14:54)  

After Hugh and Tara's call, Chaz and AJ got an email from a listener that recognized the name Jeffrey Hamburg, and told the story of the time he was handcuffed to him. (29:17)

President Trump called in to wish Chaz and AJ a Happy Thanksgiving, and talk about the transition process. Then President-elect Biden was on to talk about his cranberry sauce, and Bernie Sanders introduced us to his Butler, John. (35:38)

Photo Credit: Getty Images/BlueBarronPhoto/iStock/Getty Images Plus