Kindra Foster, 11.29.20 - Daughter of UFO/Contactee John Foster

Nov 29, 2020, 10:00 PM

The encounter we spoke about - John Foster's drawing - Kindra is seated with her guitar at the campsite. She has a memory of a stern, male voice speaking to her father from above and labeled it a helicopter at the time - but the circumstances seemed odd - and she later questioned that reality.

Following up with John Foster's daughter, Kindra remembers the day her father's memories came flooding back. She was also there when he made contact with the "familiar strangers" who remembered meeting while undergoing similar encounters.

Multiple witnesses sharing the same recollections helped many experiencers come to terms with a reality that challenges the mainstream norm. 
After Kindra and I spoke, John offered an additional account regarding the day of Kindra's birth. 

~ "I was working in a uranium mine 50 miles east of Riverton, Wyoming. We lived in Riverton.

When Annie's water broke early in the morning, we got in the car and sped toward the hospital. While on the way, I looked up beside our car and saw UFO disc-shaped craft following us. They flew at our speed just above the tree tops beside the the car. When we reached the hospital, I saw something else that was strange, something I don't quite remember.

As Kindy was being born, one of the nurses or a hospital helper (who was Native American) came up to me and told me that I had a very beautiful and special daughter. I said, "Yes, I know. We think she is special. etc, etc. Yet she kept telling me that she was special.

Well, my work at the mine included surveying mining claims and establishing new methods for ore extraction. And while surveying we were in tall sagebrush that bred multitudes of ticks. Every night those of us on the survey crew had to take 15 to 30 ticks off our bodies. And we were told to go to the hospital to get tick shots.

While there after Kindy's birth, that same lady came up to me and repeated the comments on how special our daughter was. And I repeated the same answers.

She then said that I didn't understand, that the spirits had shown up at the campfire on the reservation the night before Kindy was born and told the tribe about her birth. "The voice" said that Kindy would help their people at some time in the future.

I asked her what the spirits looked like and she said, "You know, it was like a disc or light hovering over the campfire, etc." She said the voice spoke from the light or disc.

As it turned out Kindy did help their people by writing and producing a educational video for the Nebraskan tribes, a video about the oral traditions of the tribes, etc.

It's also interesting that my folks came to the hospital a couple of days after Kindy's birth. As we were walking up to the front door of the hospital, we saw a disc manifest and a small booth develop up against the hospital's outside wall...and the voice spoke words that I don't quite remember." ~

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