Digsy's Dinner #OasisA2Z, Liam single announcement phone in discussion, and Brits & Pieces Album launch

Nov 26, 2020, 09:00 AM
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0:00 Liam intro and Vision - Shine On
0:45 JC intro - do you like the idea of more phone in episodes? If you want to be involved join the Patreon and the Discord server
3:34 Liam Gallagher - All You're Dreaming Of clip, Patreon phone in with Andy, Dan & Katy
8:04 Badly Drawn Boy - The Shining
21:31 Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK
25:41 Le Volume Courbe - Mind Contorted
36:40 Liam Gallagher - All You're Dreaming Of clip
36:50 #OasisA2Z Digsy's Dinner!
38:55 Digsy interview from 2017 - check out episode 30 for the full interview https://open.spotify.com/episode/7zq0zvWXZTdFTr33phrsX3 - and follow him @digsydeary
47:14 message from Alex @havinachat on Instagram
50:20 Digsy's Dinner - your twitter comments (featuring my mate Joel on piano)
55:54 Digsy's Dinner - NGHFB (Live Chicago)
1:00:54 Chord's breakdown
1:04:07 Digsy's Dinner - demo
1:05:20 Digsy's Dinner - Hit The North radio session
1:07:28  Digsy's Dinner - Noel Gallagher (Teenage Cancer Trust 2010)
1:08:05 lyrics breakdown
1:13:13 Interview with Marc @britspieces regarding the new Brits & Pieces compilation #NewBritpopRevolution
1:25:29, 1:32:16 The Spyres - Otherside
1:33:05 JC ending & Patreon thanks
1:34:55 Oasis - Stay Young
1:35:32 Oasis - Digsy's Dinner (Live Sheffield Arena 1995)