Is there still time to go bargain hunting for investments?

Nov 27, 2020, 09:27 PM

'Be greedy when others are fearful.' Warren Buffett's investment adage was tested this year when the coronavirus crash hit and sent stock markets tumbling in late February and early March.

But as nations went into lockdown, economies nosedived and draconian measures surpassing most seen in living memory were introduced, it was hard for most investors to get up too much of an appetite, however many times they may have heard that line.

There seemed to be no way that markets would recover for some time and the most likely course was down. 

Then the rebound came, but still it all looked to good to be true - as if it was just fools and their money being parted in a FOMO rally.

Except, it turned out to have legs. The world's dominant stock market, the US, has been on a tear since late March and many other countries have bounced back too.

So, has the opportunity to go bargain hunting passed? Could our own humble stock market be one of the last places left where you can do it? Are we missing a trick and ignoring the fact the world has changed and there is no point talking about cheap value investments, just get on the tech train?

On this week's podcast, Georgie Frost and Simon Lambert discuss investing bargains: what that means and whether there are any left?

Also, while the stock market has been on the rise, the economy has been taking another lockdown beating. Chancellor Rishi Sunak updated us this week on the state of the UK economy, so how bad was the news?

Also this week, NS&I and Marcus cut rates, so what can savers do now, and finally, is triple glazing worth splashing out on?