People-Powered Movements versus Shell: In conversation with Chihiro Geuzenbroek and Anna Bissila

Season 1, Episode 31,  Dec 02, 2020, 10:00 AM

In this conversation, Chihiro and Anna give some background to their expo, and in the process provide a cross-section of BP Shell's widespread transgressions, and a glimpse into the different forms of resistance that could lead us to a future beyond Shell.

Chihiro Geuzenbroek and Anna Bissila are both climate activists, and the co-organizers for the expo: People-Powered Movements versus Shell. An exhibition that explores the fight for justice that has been fought from Indonesia to Nigeria, from Curaçao to South Africa, and from Alaska to Groningen. Through installations, audio-stories, photography and relics of activisms, the exhibition invites the public to learn from the people who have shown resistance and made calls for decolonial climate justice.

Link to exhibition: 

image Credit: People-Powered Movements versus Shell