Friday, December 4: CT Cow Falls In Pool; Flubble Friday; Boss Keith's Top 5

Dec 04, 2020, 06:25 PM

Flubble Friday - A montage from this week, every time someone slipped on their words or made a mistake while speaking. AJ remains the undisputed champ! (0:00)
Comedian Paul Bond called in to talk about a recent near death experience, after he was squished like a bug by a giant piece of machinery. Then the Tribe started to call in the times they were sure they were about to die. (4:53)
The St. Patrick's Day parade in Hartford has already been canceled for 2021. Plus, a story about the worst person in Florida. A seemingly infinite supply of Dumb Ass News stories flood out of the state, and this person is the worst of them all. (21:41)
Bethlehem's Fire Chief was on the phone to talk about a cow that needed rescue, after falling into a swimming pool. As it turned out, Chaz knew who the cow belonged to. (35:49)
Boss Keith's Top 5 list now has a sponsor! The boss is tired of not having clear cut answers to a lot of the details during the pandemic, including when he gets to see movies again. (41:37)

Image Credit: Clara Bastian / iStock / Getty Images Plus